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Swiss Blue Investment Group AG with its legal headquarters in Herisau is active. Swiss Blue Investment Group AG operates in the sector «Operation of other financial institutions». The company was founded on 20.06.1983. The last commercial register change was made on 15.12.2022

*Swiss Blue Investment Group * is a multipurpose investment company Basically in Switzerland ,that has a diversified portfolio management system that provides the funds with which they pay their investors. The company has a diversified and a tangible means of generating profits, they're into Agricultural extension, Real estate and construction management, Digital and e-currency trading. And everyday their multinational team delivers food, medicines, wine & beverage, agricultural commodities,They are also Registered and Regulated under the Central Bank of Switzerland.

We are a platform where crypto enthusiasts and Investors collaborate to launch and manage financial services in a decentralized, secure manner. Swisrock investment uses its expert knowledge of financial markets, blockchain, and smart contract development to architect and implement a technical solution for financial services in the Cryptocurrency investment sector.

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